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Don’t let your emotional intimacy affect your relationship

Did you know that in a healthy relationship, your partner needs both physical and emotional connection? While love is essential, maintaining intimacy with your spouse is also important for a healthy relationship. 

Now here comes a misconception, some people take intimacy as sex. Although sexual intimacy is important in a relationship, consider it as an aspect of a fulfilling relationship, not a complete relationship. Being intimate doesn’t necessarily mean getting physical all the time. There is something more than this, and that is emotional intimacy. 

As a mental health clinician, I have encountered many cases where the couple gets intimate all the time but still, they have issues in their relationships. They find themselves unhappy and distant with each other, wondering why. Let me tell you!

Sometimes one of the two partners doesn’t want sex. Instead, they crave simple gestures like cuddling and hugs. These acts of affection make them feel secure and comfortable and also help them ease their stress and fatigue. 

Through my research, I’ve found that they might be fulfilling their physical needs but are failing to fulfill their emotional needs. This is one of the main reasons why couples get distant from each other. 

If you and your partner are also facing the same issue, let me offer some guidance on bridging emotional gaps and digging deeper into intimacy in your relationship.

How to Stimulate Intimacy in Your Relationship?

Both sexual and emotional intimacy are important components of a healthy relationship, but it’s also important to understand where you are lacking. Once you identify areas for improvement, you can do the following things to enhance your relationship.  

Don’t impose your PHYSICAL DESIRES on your partner

Did you know pressurizing your spouse to get physical without their consent can have severe implications on their mental health? 

Yes, in some cases, it may be possible that one person desires physical closeness while the other one isn’t ready. It is normal that you need to arouse your partner’s interest and desire rather than imposing your needs on them. 

Also, you need to understand that if your partner isn’t ready, give them some time to relax as sometimes our bodies are so exhausted that they don’t want to render any more burden. 

Otherwise, you will end up fulfilling your physical needs but your spouse will be left alone, and this can lead to severe mental health conditions. 

So, if you want to keep the spark in your relationship and don’t want to burden your spouse, try not to impose your NEEDS on them.

Instead, offer simple love gestures and understanding, it will naturally turn them towards you. Even a simple hug filled with affection can work wonders in strengthening your relationship.

Never ignore your partner’s situation

At times your partner might be facing life challenges such as workload or may have a mental breakdown due to stress and anxiety. Please don’t overlook their struggles during such times as they may find it difficult to open up on their own. 

So instead of ignoring them, take the initiative to ask about their issues. Listening to their problems, and showing emotional intimacy can heal their burning souls. You don’t need to go above and beyond to show emotional intimacy. Simply reassuring them that you’re with them can make a big difference.

Encourage them over little things

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of emotional intimacy in a relationship is the lack of encouragement. Usually, people don’t understand the importance of encouragement and take their partner’s efforts for granted which makes the other person hollow from inside. 

However, encouraging your partner over little things can highly contribute to building a strong and supportive bond. It isn’t necessary to praise them over huge achievements. Even praising their efforts in completing a small task, or simply offering words of encouragement during difficult times can help you restore your intimacy. 

Ask for professional help to restore your intimacy

Some people find it difficult to share their relationship problems with any professional. Such people usually take advice from their so-called friends who make the situation even worse. So, please be thoughtful and seek some professional help if you are going through any relationship problems. They will guide you better, and you will feel the difference within days. 

Take away 

Transitioning your relationship from distance to intimacy is challenging but you can make it possible by prioritizing your partner’s feelings. Let them know you will always be there to help them. Don’t be their physical partner only but also be their emotional partner because emotional intimacy can make a big difference in your relationship. 

Also, if you want to dig into deeper connections, be communicative, ask them if they are going through any difficulties, and show kind gestures like hugs and cuddles to comfort them.

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