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Therapeutic Coping skills for kids and teens

Have you ever heard that a kid or a teen is facing emotional breakdown or depression? No! Because we are more concerned about adult stress, we easily overlook the emotional challenges our kids and teens face. We are least bothered to help them learn coping skills as, for us, our lives are more problematic. 


We do have major issues in our lives, especially when it comes to relationships, but did you know that our kids and teens are equally affected by emotional trauma? It may sound weird, but this is the bitter reality of today’s society. Our kids and teens also suffer from mental stress. 


Mental Stress in Kids and Teens


I remember when I was a kid or a teen the only pressure I used to face was about acing in my studies and nothing else. 


However, today’s kids and teens are part of the Gen-Z, and they have a lot more exposure than we used to have back then. They knew everything, and that’s one of the biggest reasons our kids and teens are going through a lot of mental stress. 


In the case of kids, they might develop anger and other issues because of the emotional challenges they face. Usually, kids with more screen time need to learn coping skills and strategies because their ability to respond to life’s challenges would be none or less. 


Now, if we talk about teens, they are more vulnerable to emotional breakdowns. They are at the crossroads between childhood and adulthood, dealing with hormonal changes and newfound responsibilities. 


Moreover, we usually find a teen’s love innocent, ignoring the fact that they have more potential for heartbreak and deep emotional struggles. It’s a delicate phase where they’re neither fully children nor fully adults, going through a roller coaster of emotions they may not fully understand.


All these things can contribute to developing symptoms of depression, and the continuous negative thoughts can affect them a lot in the long run if not taken seriously. 


But wait! There’s hope. Coping skills can offer a lifeline, helping young minds face the stormy seas of life with power and positivity.


So, if you’re curious about coping skills and how they can make a difference, wait no more and read the blog till the end. 

What are Coping Skills?


Coping skills, also known as coping strategies, are designed behaviors that help us deal with negative thoughts and emotions. Usually, these thoughts begin with difficult situations, unwanted life events, and relationships. Coping skills can contribute a lot to your mental well-being. 


Effective Coping Skills for Kids and Teens


Coping Strategies act as guiding lines to escape from unwanted situations and stress. It could be positive or negative. Positive coping strategies will help us move on from our problems, whereas negative ones can create more obstacles and stress.


Kids and teens are more into finding negative coping skills that can harm them. To help them escape the stress, we have listed some positive and effective coping skills. 




Whether you’re a kid or a teen, grabbing some colors and putting them to paper can work wonders for stress relief. For kids, it’s all about bringing their favorite characters to life. However, for teens, coloring books offer a more grown-up way to release their stress and express feelings. So, when you feel heavy, it’s better to pick some crayons or markers and let the colors do their magic. Believe me, you will find your calm in it.


Hang out with your favorite person


Coping skills can do wonders, especially when you are with your favorite person. No matter what age you are, hanging out with your favorite person is like medicine for the soul. For kids, their favorite person can be their parents, uncles, or aunts. Teens often turn to their close friends to vent their feelings. So, it’s better to seek relief in the company of those who make you happy and help you release your stress. 


Blow bubbles


Blow Bubbles isn’t a game limited to toddlers only. Grown-up kids and teens can also find joy and relaxation in this timeless activity. Also, this game can help you with breathing exercises. With every blow, you will exhale your stress, and you will feel lighter and more relaxed. 


Do a puzzle


Doing puzzles is a great way to distract your brain. I would suggest you solve some difficult puzzles so you will be more focused on the game rather than on your problem. Also, when you finally insert that last piece into place, the sense of accomplishment is unexplainable. It’s not just a game; it’s a brain exercise and a triumph over stress. 




Gardening is usually associated with old-age people. However, kids and teens can also enjoy the pleasure of digging the earth with their hands, nurturing delicate plants, and watching them bloom. It is not just a simple act of gardening; it’s a mind-relaxing therapy. A unique coping skills to help you feel lighter. 


Laughter therapy


You may find it funny or unrealistic, but laughter therapy does wonders to release stress. It is one of the best coping skills to escape your feelings. So, when you feel pressure on your mind, remember something that makes you laugh. You will see how miraculously your mind will feel lighter. 


Conclusion – Therapeutic Coping Skills for Kids and Teens


All in all, childhood and teenage can also be stressful. So, try to keep a keen eye on your kids, especially teenagers. When you feel that something is not right with them, it’s better to create a supportive environment around them. It also helps them learn coping skills so they can manage their stress themselves. 

You can also contact us for further details, and if you want to get to know more about mental health clinicians, feel free to email us at Couple Thrive Space.

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