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Can a mental health clinician help me with my relationship?


As a mental health clinician, I have observed a concerning trend among couples that they are inspired by the perfect lives of social media couples. They adore them to the level that they compare their lives with social media couples and start fighting over pity issues, thinking that social media couples are perfect and they aren’t. 


Yet, the truth is far away from this glossy reality. We are living in a society where people put their daily lives on social media for views. However, the picture behind every cute proposal, destination wedding, couple’s goals, and perfect family is different. What you see on social media is one side of the story. 


There is another side that they don’t show you, they argue, say mean things to each other, and go to bed angry. Also, they have misunderstandings and never-ending conflicts. But, I believe it is perfectly normal because even the best relationship can face storms and droughts. 


At this moment they need to focus on how to strengthen their relationship and the only thing that can help them in creating that bond is counseling. Professional guidance can help such couples sort out their differences, communicate effectively, and strengthen their connection.


What does a Mental Health Clinician do?


A mental health clinician provides behavioral health services to those seeking help with issues that affect their lives, including, but not limited to personal, emotional, behavioral, marital, educational, or vocational matters.


If you are struggling with your relationship and having issues with your partner you can seek professional guidance from a mental health clinician. They will help you recognize and break unhealthy relationship patterns. 


Moreover, they will also help you in creating a lovely bond between you and your partner. Their main focus is to help couples address a wide range of problems that are affecting their relationship and overall mental health. 


Below are some key aspects of how a mental health clinician can help you in your relationship.


  • They will thoroughly assess you to understand the dynamics of your relationship. The assessment may include your communication patterns, conflict resolution styles, and individual concerns or challenges.
  • When it comes to couples counseling, they prefer to offer individual therapy sessions. However, in some cases, they also offer joint therapy sessions so both partners can work together to address shared concerns and goals.


  • Communication is very important in a relationship, so they teach effective communication techniques and strategies to improve your dialogue, and emotion expression, and resolve your conflicts.


  • Moreover, they help couples to find out the reasons for conflict, and according to the reason for the conflict they create strategies to resolve disagreements and misunderstandings peacefully.


  • A mental health clinician also helps couples in addressing issues related to intimacy, trust, and emotional connection. Their counseling will help couples rebuild their closeness and strengthen their love bond.


  • The best thing they offer is a supportive and nonjudgmental environment where couples can share their feelings and concerns without being judged. Moreover, they also empower them to step towards positive change in their relationship.

How to choose the right Mental Health Clinician?


If you want to make the most of your therapy sessions, it is important to find the right mental health clinician for your relationship. Mentioned below are a few important things that need to be considered before you book an appointment with your therapist. 




Make sure that your therapist is a licensed mental health professional with experience in couples or relationship therapy.




Although every therapist has different approaches, you need to figure out what approach your therapist will use that resonates with you and your partner.




Trust is the main thing before you start your treatment. Your therapist should be compatible and you need to trust him before you start the treatment. It’s okay to try a few therapists until you find one that feels right for you and your partner.


Goals and Expectations


Openly express your goals and expectations for therapy with your therapist. Providing clarity on your objectives will help your therapist to customize the therapy sessions according to your needs. 


Benefits of Couple therapy


When you and your partner decide to visit a mental health clinician you will enjoy the following benefits. 


  • You both will start to understand each other’s needs and situation.
  • Both will learn the lesson of compromise.
  • Discover how to handle your partner’s differences. 
  • You will learn new ways to interact with your partner emotionally.
  • Your intimate life will get a lot better. 
  • You will also learn to work together while facing a hard time. 




Relationships are easy to build but hard to maintain. However, proper guidance and professional assistance can help couples get through the rough phase of their life. Sometimes couples identify and resolve the problems on their own. However, in most cases, only a mental health clinician can help you reach your relationship goals. And remember no one is perfect and what you see on social media is just a glossy reality. 


If you want to know more about mental health clinicians you can email us at Couple Thrive Space. 

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