Getting in a long distance relationship is like having a gradual dose of poison because it will kill you slowly, first mentally and then physically.

long distance relationship

A long distance relationship can be easily considered as one of the most difficult experiences. However, according to some studies, long distance relationships are as successful as proximal relationships. They believe that distance between couples creates a stronger bond and effective communication. 

But let’s be real – being physically away from your partner can be really hard. I personally believe that physical presence in a relationship will make more difference. I mean what will you do when you are upset? 

Obviously, you wanna release your emotions on your partner’s shoulder. Sure, you can talk on the phone or video chat, but it’s not the same. A physical hug is more powerful than a virtual hug. Sometimes, all you need is the touch and the warmth of love from your partner. 

During my career as a mental health clinician, I’ve seen firsthand how tough a long distance relationship can be. In some cases, both partners survive. Recently I have dealt with a case of a woman whose husband is serving in the US army and she is pregnant. 

Her pregnancy is a difficult one as she is having twins, although she is surrounded by other loving relations but she craves for her partner’s touch. They also didn’t get to talk much because of his job nature, but when they did, it often ended in tears for both of them. 

The husband is missing to be with her wife during such a sensitive time, while the already exhausted wife is facing severe depression. So this long distance relationship in this case is not only affecting the woman’s mental health but also taking a toll on his husband’s mental well-being. 

This is just one case, if you look around, you will find many similar cases. Now the question is how to handle your brain and console yourself in a long distance relationship. 

I know it’s hard, there are things you can do to ease your pain. Let’s explore what things can be done in this regard! 

How to manage your emotions in a Long Distance Relationship?

Although the success of a relationship is not only dependent on physical presence, a long distance relationship comes with many psychological effects such as fear of missing out, insecurity, jealousy, loneliness, anxiety, stress, and depression. 

If you are unable to manage these psychological pressures you might end up with physical health issues. You can do the following things to control your emotions. 

Spend time with your other valuable relations

In the case of regular relationships, partners spend so much time together that they unintentionally neglect their other loving relationships like friends and family. However, when you are in a long distance relationship you have the opportunity to spend time with other relations as well. 

When you feel lonely, stressed, and depressed, don’t hesitate to reach out to your parents, siblings, or a close friend to share your feelings.  Although it will not be the same as being with your partner but will do wonders and you will feel much relaxed.  

Plan things with your partner in advance 

Usually, our brain plays tricks on us when we are alone that often results in depression. Now it’s your turn to tell your brain about your plans to stay positive. 

You can plan different things to do with your partner in advance, such as movie nights, potluck dinners, or even creative competitions like coloring competitions

Additionally, consider gifting customized gifts to your partner such as matching t-shirts, customized mugs, pendants, or anything you want. The options are endless. 

These things will keep your brain busy and you won’t get much time to think about your long distance relationship. 

Be realistic with your expectations

Craving for constant communication is a natural desire, especially when you are in a long distance relationship. If you expect them to call you all day, you need to be real, it is not possible even for you when one or both of you are busy with work and other responsibilities.

 Just be realistic with your expectations that such things are not possible and healthy at all. However, you can text morning messages, good wishes, or can ask for the well-being of your partner. 

After texting you need to wait for their reply patiently, and when they are free just FaceTime them. These simple but meaningful gestures can create a sweet bond between you and your partner. 

Date yourself

Just because you are in a long distance relationship, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out on a date. Yes, you can! Simply take some time and treat yourself to a special day or night out. You can start your day by going to a spa, enjoying a relaxing massage and makeover, then go shopping, and give yourself something you need. Finally, end your day with a solo dinner. You will be surprised to see how greatly it impacts your mental health. 

Join a support group specified for long distance relationship

It is said that chatting with people in the same position as you can help you ease your pain. So, why feel lonely? Isn’t it better to join any support group where all the other members are facing the same situation as you? Maybe you will get some more ideas to kill your loneliness. Joining a support group is an effective way to learn how to deal with long distance relationship struggles. 

You may find many long distance relationship groups on different platforms. The one I know on Facebook is Long Distance Relationships: Advice & Support Group. This group has over 11,000 members. It is a great opportunity to share your experiences, ask for suggestions, and help others having difficulty in their relationships. You can also make new friends there with whom you can hang out in person.

Conclusion – How To Handle Your Brain In A Long Distance Relationship?

A long distance relationship is not easy to handle, especially when both partners are working. It can severely affect your mental well-being but by controlling your emotions and keeping your brain busy with different activities you can do better. Also don’t forget to treat yourself and hang out with people with similar situations as yours. 

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