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How to continue relationship with mental health challenges?

Finding a loving and loyal partner is challenging, but did you know what is more challenging? Ending a relationship! Yes, you have read it right. It’s never easy to say goodbye to your relationship, and it becomes more painful when the underlying reason is your mental health.


In this situation, you don’t want to end your relationship, but you have to because you don’t want to hurt your partner. But wait a second and ask yourself if ending the relationship will actually help your mental health or just make things worse.


We have seen many people with poor mental health who find it easy to dump their partners instead of seeking professional assistance. However, this decision can often lead to further mental health deterioration, as they may find themselves missing their loved ones deeply afterwards.


If you are on this post, then you are already going through the same mental condition. But let us tell you, you are not the culprit, and you don’t need to end your relationship. Let’s explore how.


Does My Poor Mental Health Affect My Relationship? Should I end it? 


Yes, your poor mental health can cause serious relationship issues, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to end it. It is better to sort things out rather than end things up! We advise you to consider the following factors before making any important decision. 


Don’t make your relationship an Emotional Burden.


We believe you are already going through a lot. Many reasons can affect your mental health. So don’t take your relationship as an emotional burden. It’s better to prioritize yourself and make efforts only you can manage without getting overwhelmed. Don’t go above and beyond in a relationship because this will raise your partner’s expectations, which may lead to increased stress and pressure on your mental health.


Alternatively, try to communicate with your partner about your feelings. Discuss things honestly that are stressing your brain. You are partners and are supposed to support each other, so sharing your feelings with your partner will help you lessen your emotional burden. You will feel much better.  


Try to figure out if it is really you or someone else


Sometimes, we are surrounded by people who may seem to be our well-wishers, but they are really not. They’re the ones adding an extra toll on your mental health without you even realizing it. These toxic entities around you also affect your relationship. Like they always seem worried about how your relationship is going. However, in reality, they are giving you advice that is affecting your already sinking relationship. Take note they are the worst advisors and sort of home wreckers.


You can identify such people by their mean talk and constant negativity. They never seem to have anything nice to say about you, never appreciate your good work, and never support you when you need them. Instead, they are busy piling up stress and pressure on you. 


If you are surrounded by such people, just kick them out, and believe us, once they’re out of your life, it’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders. You will feel much better and will be more focused in your relationship. 


Try to engage in a couple activities 


Couple activities are among the best ways to create a lovely bond between partners. Listen, when you do team it, it will result in more understanding, and you will be able to share your feelings well with your partner. Similarly, your partner will understand more about your mental health issues. 


Moreover, couple activities like adult coloring, cooking, hiking, camping, or games will not only be fun but also help you distract from your current mental health challenges. These teamwork activities provide a sense of relaxation and joy, helping you feel lighter and more connected to your partner. What more could you ask for? It’s a win-win!


Seek professional assistance


Therapists, mental health clinicians, and psychologists are your professional assistants. You must seek their help when you think every door is closed and nothing works for you. They will not only listen to your problems but also help you get out of your dark phase. 


Apart from that, they will also keep a check on the progress you have made during the sessions. Seeking professional help will not make you any less. Rather, you will grow into a more beautiful personality, leading towards a healthy relationship. 


You can email us at Couple Thrive Space if you are interested to know more about professional assistance. 


Final Words 


Every person dealing with mental health challenges is going through a different phase, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone. For some, staying in a relationship would be a better option, while for others, it is not. But we recommend you consider the factors mentioned above before you break up with your partner. 

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