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Can I get rid of my haunting past relationship?

Once, a genius person said, “The past is a part of our life, not our whole life”. However, many of us don’t understand this, and we still love to live in our past, be it our past relationship or any sweet memory we don’t want to forget. 


We know letting go of the past is like erasing any good or bad memory, which is very challenging. People have to understand that if they want to enjoy their present, they should get rid of their past first; it’s gone, and it has nothing to do with your present. 


We have encountered many people who have had a traumatic relationship, and they are finding it difficult to get rid of it and step into a new life. So, we have gathered some information to help such people let go of their abusive past. Believe us, after reading this article, your past won’t haunt you anymore. 


How do I get rid of my Past Relationship?


First, you need to understand that healing will take some time, be it physical or emotional; your body needs some time to get out of that phase. Once you are out of it, stop grieving your past relationship; instead, learn a lesson from it, focus on your growth, and move forward. 


To focus on your growth, you can do the following things;


Create a positive aura around you.


Creating a positive aura around you is very difficult but not impossible. Help yourself to learn positivity. It may sound weird, but this is one of the interesting ways to let go of your past. 


For example, if your partner has ditched you, Instead of moaning about what had happened to you, start taking it as thank God it has happened. Now, you are ready to progress in your life’s journey. You have removed the wrong person from your life. Now, God will give you a good person. 


This positive thinking will help you heal your pain and reframe your thoughts. 


Distance yourself from toxic people around you


In many cases, we have observed that people try to forget their past, but the people around them won’t let it happen. They keep on repeating things, which makes it difficult for the suffering person to stop thinking about their past. 


So, if you find anyone around you who won’t let you move on, simply remove such toxic people from your circle or distance yourself from them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to step into a new life. 


Create boundaries and listen to your own needs


Sometimes, we unintentionally subject ourselves to emotional distress, which is also not a healthy practice if you want to get rid of your past. 


For example, If you find yourself in a situation where you must encounter your ex on a daily basis, it is necessary to create some healthy boundaries. Rather than allowing yourself to dwell on past hurt, empower yourself by listening to your own needs. Whenever you face the presence of your ex, gracefully disconnect yourself and focus on activities that bring you joy and comfort.


Start prioritizing yourself; you will feel a profound positive transformation.


Practice mindfulness


Practicing mindfulness is the best way to eliminate your stale thoughts of past relationship and focus on your present. 


In research it has proven that mindfulness plays a vital role in transforming lives; you can practice mindfulness with small things such as:


  • Enjoy your favourite meal.
  • Spend more time with nature.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Allow yourself to do whatever you want. 


Note: Performing meditation doesn’t always require the guidance of experts; you can practice it yourself by detaching yourself from your surroundings for a short time. Like find a peaceful spot, ideally close to nature, close your eyes, and start taking deep breaths. With each exhale, visualize yourself releasing the weight of your past, allowing it to disappear into the air. This practice will help you relieve yourself, and you will find inner peace. 


Be creative


Creativity is the best way to eliminate every thought, be it your past relationship or anything else. When you indulge in something creative, your brain stops teasing you. So, think of things you like to do. 


For example, you can bake and cook, join any sports club, or go to the gym. If you don’t want to do chaotic creativity, then indulge yourself in coloring. It’s called art therapy and it’s a great way to keep your mind occupied. If you aren’t sure where to get coloring books, you can check here. They have a range of adult coloring books that will help you find your inner peace. 


Consult a professional


Sometimes, we have such a toxic past that we can’t get rid of it by ourselves. In such cases, professional assistance is required. You can visit any therapist or mental health clinician to get rid of your negative thoughts. 


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Living in the past serves as a sign of poor mental health. We know it is very hard to move on from a haunting past relationship, but it is not impossible. Empower yourself to heal. You only need to motivate yourself with things that can divert your mind. Also, prioritize removing toxic people around you so they don’t hinder your progress. Still, if you find it challenging to let go of your past, try to find professional assistance, as they are trained to provide you with valuable guidance. 


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